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Hello iTsters!

My name is Aaron Littles. My passion and calling is focused on motivating, encouraging, mentoring, and coaching individuals to perform at their maximum potential. What does that mean to you?  Well, that means between this blog and my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/AaronLittlesERS) you will gain tools, resources, encouragement, and accountability to change your life!

Why should you want to change your life? Maybe you don’t need to. Maybe you have a great faith walk, an awesome marriage, and a career that provides you enjoyment and enough financial benefit to meet all your needs. If this describes you then I congratulate you! However, the sad reality is that nearly 50% of marriages are ending in divorce, 73% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and the statistics on job dissatisfaction are frightening.

If you are continually unhappy with your current situation, my goal is to inspire you to transform your life. Why do people wait until they’ve had their first heart attack to start exercising and eating right? Why do marriages end in divorce and THEN the individuals seek out counseling? Why do we learn to manage our finances AFTER we file for Bankruptcy? My challenge to you is to make positive changes before it is too late!

Transformation and life change is a process that starts with a single first step. Consider reading this post as that first step! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading!

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