Q1 Recap

Hey gang!

I hope the first quarter of 2015 was as productive for you as it was for me!  My vision for 2015 is to fully launch this new endeavor of becoming a certified speaker, published Author, and certified coach.  Well, so far I have two out of three complete and the third is on target to be done before the tax deadline of April 15th!

I couldn’t have achieved these great accomplishments without tremendous focus. My secret to success this quarter has been working with someone who had already walked the path that I wanted to travel.  My coach, Debbie Lundberg is a very accomplished Speaker, Author and Coach and she helped me quickly organize my ideas, tasks and goals into a laser beam of action for Q1.

Friends, for me I already had the drive and the determination, however the accountability and guidance I receive from my coach is invaluable (well for practical purposes I pay a reasonable fee).

Who is your accountability partner?

Who is pushing you and guiding you towards your vision?

Do you have a vision for 2015?

Me and my coach, Debbie Lundberg.

Me and my coach, Debbie Lundberg, with my new book      New Year, New Career

If you need help with answering any of the above questions, feel free to connect with me on aaronlittles.com.

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