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Hello all!

I am writing this post two weeks into my new exploration of the Paleo diet.  I think deep down we all know that what we eat matters, however I think it is worth discussing here.  As we are all working towards our goals and dreams we need to keep our bodies going strong and fuel or our food is a big factor in towards this aim.

I Have pretty much alway been a “workout guy. From being on the track team in high school to going to the US Naval Academy and joining the Marines fitness has been a big priority.   The funny this is I have never been the cleanest eater.  By studying myself, I have found that when I get the diet right AND workout is when I get the best results.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to go out and start Paleo tomorrow, but I think everyone needs to know the sustainable diet for themselves.

What at is the diet program or lifestyle that works best for you?

That is the question we need to answer for ourselves.  Sure you can be a gym rat and eat bad if that is your reason for going to the gym.  On the flip side, if you want to crank it up#go200 style then you need to have a clue about what goes in your body.

#go200 refers to my next book that is due out late summer early fall 2015.  I talk about the importance of getting your life together before life hits you.  I find the pieces easier to manage that way!

Next time we’ll discuss some money “fitness” tips.


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