Emotional Wellness Seminar

Hey Spark Nation!

The next Emotional Wellness Seminar is scheduled for August 3rd & 4th from 6:30pm-8:30pm EST on both nights.

Beautifully simple, but not simplistic.

Once you understand how your emotions work, you may begin to control them.

Subconscious Restructuring® is the process which provides improvement for Burris Emotional Measurement™. It teaches us to understand the journey of an emotional state; how it is created and how to change it.

Developed over 29 years, Subconscious Restructuring® is part of your actionable, step-by-step tools for your clients to reclaim normal.

It’s an approach that rapidly brings about measurable change and optimum Emotional Wellness.

Click the link below for registration details.

Emotional Wellness Seminar Registration

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