Emotional Wellness Seminar

Hey Spark Nation!

The next Emotional Wellness Seminar is scheduled for August 3rd & 4th from 6:30pm-8:30pm EST on both nights.

Beautifully simple, but not simplistic.

Once you understand how your emotions work, you may begin to control them.

Subconscious Restructuring® is the process which provides improvement for Burris Emotional Measurement™. It teaches us to understand the journey of an emotional state; how it is created and how to change it.

Developed over 29 years, Subconscious Restructuring® is part of your actionable, step-by-step tools for your clients to reclaim normal.

It’s an approach that rapidly brings about measurable change and optimum Emotional Wellness.

Click the link below for registration details.

Emotional Wellness Seminar Registration

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Emotional Wellness Seminar

Spark Nation,

Here are the steps to get registered for tonights seminar.

Steps to Register for the Emotional Wellness Seminar

Step 1; Ensure you have gotten your ticket on the eventbrite page here;


Step 2; Ensure you are all setup with AnyMeeting here;


Step 3; Connect with me as a coaching client to access your Emotional Wellness tools here;


I’m looking forward to helping Set Your Vision on Fire tonight!


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Upcoming Webinar

Hello Sparks!

I just wanted to post that there is an upcoming webinar for taking control of your emotions.  This webinar will go in depth on Subconscious Restructuring®.

It’s an approach that rapidly brings about measurable change and optimum Emotional Wellness.

Details for the event can be found here https://eventbrite.com/event/16896322355/

Please email aaron@aaronlittles.com for a discount code for the event.

Let’s get our emotions under control so we can “Set our VISION on FIRE!”


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Fuel Well to Perform Well



Hello all!

I am writing this post two weeks into my new exploration of the Paleo diet.  I think deep down we all know that what we eat matters, however I think it is worth discussing here.  As we are all working towards our goals and dreams we need to keep our bodies going strong and fuel or our food is a big factor in towards this aim.

I Have pretty much alway been a “workout guy. From being on the track team in high school to going to the US Naval Academy and joining the Marines fitness has been a big priority.   The funny this is I have never been the cleanest eater.  By studying myself, I have found that when I get the diet right AND workout is when I get the best results.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to go out and start Paleo tomorrow, but I think everyone needs to know the sustainable diet for themselves.

What at is the diet program or lifestyle that works best for you?

That is the question we need to answer for ourselves.  Sure you can be a gym rat and eat bad if that is your reason for going to the gym.  On the flip side, if you want to crank it up#go200 style then you need to have a clue about what goes in your body.

#go200 refers to my next book that is due out late summer early fall 2015.  I talk about the importance of getting your life together before life hits you.  I find the pieces easier to manage that way!

Next time we’ll discuss some money “fitness” tips.


#paleo #go200



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Day Starter

imageHHi all!

I just wanted to share an update on my next book 200%, How to Crank it Up like a US Marine!

The manuscript still has a few rounds of edits, but we are over 18,000 words!  I never thought I would write so much so quickly.

What goals are you working on?

What goal have you achieved that you never thought you would?

Subscribe to this blog to stay encouraged and inspired!


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Q1 Recap

Hey gang!

I hope the first quarter of 2015 was as productive for you as it was for me!  My vision for 2015 is to fully launch this new endeavor of becoming a certified speaker, published Author, and certified coach.  Well, so far I have two out of three complete and the third is on target to be done before the tax deadline of April 15th!

I couldn’t have achieved these great accomplishments without tremendous focus. My secret to success this quarter has been working with someone who had already walked the path that I wanted to travel.  My coach, Debbie Lundberg is a very accomplished Speaker, Author and Coach and she helped me quickly organize my ideas, tasks and goals into a laser beam of action for Q1.

Friends, for me I already had the drive and the determination, however the accountability and guidance I receive from my coach is invaluable (well for practical purposes I pay a reasonable fee).

Who is your accountability partner?

Who is pushing you and guiding you towards your vision?

Do you have a vision for 2015?

Me and my coach, Debbie Lundberg.

Me and my coach, Debbie Lundberg, with my new book      New Year, New Career

If you need help with answering any of the above questions, feel free to connect with me on aaronlittles.com.

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God has given me an assignment!

Hello iTsters!

My name is Aaron Littles. My passion and calling is focused on motivating, encouraging, mentoring, and coaching individuals to perform at their maximum potential. What does that mean to you?  Well, that means between this blog and my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/AaronLittlesERS) you will gain tools, resources, encouragement, and accountability to change your life!

Why should you want to change your life? Maybe you don’t need to. Maybe you have a great faith walk, an awesome marriage, and a career that provides you enjoyment and enough financial benefit to meet all your needs. If this describes you then I congratulate you! However, the sad reality is that nearly 50% of marriages are ending in divorce, 73% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and the statistics on job dissatisfaction are frightening.

If you are continually unhappy with your current situation, my goal is to inspire you to transform your life. Why do people wait until they’ve had their first heart attack to start exercising and eating right? Why do marriages end in divorce and THEN the individuals seek out counseling? Why do we learn to manage our finances AFTER we file for Bankruptcy? My challenge to you is to make positive changes before it is too late!

Transformation and life change is a process that starts with a single first step. Consider reading this post as that first step! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading!

Aaron                iT_Logo_500x302

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